RSS Pre Stack Time Migrated (PreSTM) Data

(including velocity data) 

The 2013 and 2014 PreSTM datasets are currently available for purchase from the Department. PreSTM datasets are delivered via the Department's FTP site.

Purchase options (PreSTM only)

Line km:              €5 per linear km for PreSTM data (part lines can be purchased but minimum line length of the long profiles

                              is 500km of continuous data).

In line with common practice, courtesy data in respect of PreSTM data acquired over a Frontier Exploration Licence will be provided to the companies who hold the Frontier Exploration Licence.

Per Year:             €50,000 for 2013 PreSTM dataset - 10,160 km

                              €30,000 for 2014 PreSTM dataset - 6,640 km

A company who has purchased the 2013 PreSTM dataset may purchase the 2014 PreSTM dataset at a charge of €10,000.


Per Basin:           €30,000 Porcupine Basin PreSTM dataset

                              €30,000 Rockall Basin PreSTM dataset

                              €15,000 Conjugate Margin PreSTM dataset

                              €5,000 Hatton Basin PreSTM dataset

If a company purchases both the Porcupine Basin and Rockall Basin PreSTM datasets, the Conjugate Margin and Hatton Basin PreSTM datasets will be made available at no further charge.


Entire:                   The charge for purchasing both the 2013 and 2014 PreSTM datasets is €60,000.

Note that if a company elects to purchase the entire PreSTM data (i.e. all basins, 2013 and 2014 data, entire PreSTM data), then the charge of €60,000 is inclusive of the courtesy data.


Separate terms and conditions will apply in respect of exploration company use (interpretation) and commercial use (derivative/value added products).

Academic institutions and bona fide researchers can apply, subject to terms and conditions, for access to the PreSTM datasets.


PreSTM Data Request Form