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Homeowner Guide to Shallow Geothermal Energy/Ground Source Heat

homeowner guide geothermal and ground source heat

The homeowner manual is designed to help non-specialists in their decision to purchase and install a domestic ground source heat pump (GSHP) system for home heating. The manual aims to answer some of the questions that a home owner might have with regard to GSHP systems, and in determining whether ground source heat ("shallow geothermal") is for them. The reader is guided through the general considerations that should be made before choosing a GSHP, outlines the choice of different ground source heat collector systems and their design, and provides an overview of what is involved in typical installations. The initial information necessary to understand how a GSHP may be integrated into your home is outlined, and the key requirements that should be considered are given, for both new builds or retrofitting. The Ground Source Heat Suitability maps are based on GSI's geological maps and other data sources, and show which areas of the country are most suitable for the different types of ground source heat collector systems.

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