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Rubbish Bags

​Regulations were introduced in January 2016 which banned the collection of household waste in non-reusable containers (such as bags) after 1 July 2016, with the exception of areas designated by a local authority as not suitable for the use of reusable containers such as wheelie bins.

In effect, the collection of household kerbside waste in bags may only continue in those areas designated by a local authority as ‘bag collection’ areas.

In order to be designated a ‘bag collection area’, an area must:

  • Lack space within the boundary of the property (front, rear or side) to store 3 bins.
  • Possess physical features which make it difficult to move a bin to the front edge of the property or nearest boundary for presentation, e.g. steep gradient and or steps (the advice of a Roads Engineer should be sought) or that would present an unreasonable difficulty.
  • Be too narrow for a refuse collection vehicle to access, and where the nearest Designated Collection Point or suitable presentation point is greater than 100m from the property (again, the advice of a Roads Engineer should be sought on this issue).
  • Be subject to exceptional circumstances that have been notified to the Local Authority by a householder / resident, and that have been certified as such by the Local Authority.

Many local authorities have now completed the process of designating areas where bag collections may continue, if applicable, and should be contacted for further information.