Between 1990 and 2013 the health and environmental benefits of the ban were extended to towns with over 15,000 people and a prohibition on the burning of bituminous or smoky coal was introduced to complement the existing ban on the marketing, sale and distribution.

These improvements were given effect through consolidating regulations - the Air Pollution Act (Marketing, Sale, Distribution and Burning of Specified Fuels) Regulations 2012-2016. These Regulations also incorporate the existing provisions of earlier regulations. For ease of reference, we have prepared a consolidated version of these regulations. This document brings together regulations pertinent to the smoky coal ban only and is not a legal document.

These were further amended to provide for relief from the solid fuel carbon tax related to the biomass content of manufactured solid fuels, and to update the labelling and terminology under the regulations.

Fixed payment notices or 'on the spot fines' are in operation for offences relating to the marketing, sale and distribution of prohibited fuels in Low Smoke Zones (LSZs). Persons found to be marketing, selling or distributing prohibited fuels in breach of the Regulations are now liable for a fixed payment notice of between €250 and €1,000 depending on the offence.