A ban on the burning of smoky coal and other prohibited fuels now applies in all smoky coal ban Low Smoke Zones (LSZs) to complement the ban on the marketing, sale and distribution.

Complaints regarding the marketing, sale, and distribution and burning of prohibited fuels or smoky emissions from the use of prohibited fuels in Low Smoke Zones (LSZs)should be reported to the environment section of your local authority.

  • Authorised local authority staff may undertake inspections of premises and vehicles being used for the sale and distribution of solid fuel as well as collect samples.
    A local authority may bring a prosecution under the Air Pollution Act for breaches of the Regulations.
  • The maximum fine amounts for breaches of the Regulations is € 5,000 on summary conviction.
  • Fixed payment notices (or ‘on the spot fines’) applied by the local authority are in operation for alleged offences relating to the marketing, sale and distribution of prohibited fuels in Low Smoke Zones (LSZs).