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Electromagnetic Fields Publications

An electromagnetic field is a generic term for fields of force generated by electrical charges or magnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields are all around us. We need them to see, to listen to radio and watch television, to communicate using mobile phones, and we generate them every time we turn on a light switch or when we use an electric appliance.

Under certain circumstances electromagnetic fields can be considered as radiation when they radiate energy from the source of the fields. The types of high-energy radiation , that include X-rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays, are called "ionising radiation". All other types of radiation do not have enough energy to result in ionisation and so are referred to as "non-ionising radiation".

These documents are studies from 2007 and 2016 on the topic of the health effects associated with electromagnetic fields.

The Report of the Expert Group on the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields was published in March 2007.

The RIVM Report on Electromagnetic Fields in the Irish Context was published in October 2016.

Publication Documents