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Policy Development

Picture of gas powered station

Our Department published a Green Paper on Energy Policy in Ireland on 12th May 2014 opening a public consultation process with a closing date for responses of 31st July 2014. Energy Policy Framework.

The Green Paper set out the main developments in the Irish, European and global energy landscape since the last Energy White Paper was published in 2007. Over 1,000 submissions were received.

On the 24th September 2014 we launched the Stakeholder Engagement Phase. The purpose of these public engagement events was to invite observations and suggestions from interested parties to tease out the most important points highlighted in the submissions and identify policy points for consideration in the White Paper.

The public consultation process, including written submissions along with the relevant stakeholder engagement contributed significantly to the development of an Energy White Paper for Ireland.

The White Paper 'Ireland's Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future 2015-2030' is a complete energy policy update. In it, we have set out a framework to guide policy and the actions that Government intends to take in the energy sector from now up to 2030.

The paper takes into account European and International climate change objectives and agreements, as well as Irish social, economic and employment priorities. As we progress towards a low carbon energy system, this policy update will ensure secure supplies of competitive and affordable energy to our citizens and businesses.

The launch of Ireland's Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future 2015 - 2030, took place at The Mansion House, Dublin on 16 December 2015.