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Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan

Pic of the OREDP

​The Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan (OREDP) identifies the opportunity for the sustainable development of Ireland’s abundant offshore renewable energy resources for increasing indigenous production of renewable electricity, thereby contributing to reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions, improving the security of our energy supply and creating jobs in the green economy. The OREDP sets out key principles, policy actions and enablers for delivery of Ireland’s significant potential in this area. In this way, the OREDP  provides a framework for the sustainable development of Ireland’s offshore renewable energy resources.

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Public consultation on draft Guidance documents to support the development of Offshore Renewable Energy:

1. draft Guidance on the preparation of EIS and NIS for offshore renewable energy projects, and
2. draft Guidance on Marine Baseline Assessments and Monitoring Activities.

On 22 September 2016 Minister Naughten launched a 12 week public consultation on draft Guidance documents to help support the development of offshore renewable energy in Ireland. The draft documents aim to provide guidance on the preparation of Environment Impact Statements (EIS) and Natura Impact Statements (NIS) for offshore renewable energy projects and guidance on Marine Baseline Assessments and Monitoring Activities for offshore renewable energy projects.
The public consultation is now closed.




Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the OREDP

Included in Part Two of the OREDP are the findings and key recommendations of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Appropriate Assessment (AA) carried out for the OREDP, which form an integral part of the plan. Extensive public consultation was carried out as part of these processes, and  with relevant Departments and Agencies.
The outputs of the SEA and AA processes are set out in the following documents as Appendices to the OREDP:


 Please see more information on the OREDP Environmental Report


The implementation of the OREDP, led by DCCAE, is a mechanism through which government action across the environmental, energy policy and economic development dimensions are coordinated to support the offshore renewable energy sector to reach commercial viability.
The vision of the OREDP is of “Our offshore renewable energy resource contributing to our economic development and sustainable growth, generating jobs for our citizens, supported by coherent policy, planning and regulation, and managed in an integrated manner.”

 The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) provides financial support for wave and tidal ocean research, development and for demonstration projects. Three schemes are in operation -            

  1.   Prototype Development Fund
  2.   Test Site Development; and
  3.   Marine Energy Supply Chain Development.


Further information is available from SEAI