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Straitéis Náisiúnta um Athchóiriú

Ireland's National Renovation Strategy

"It's about future proofing our economy, but more than that, it's about future proofing our society".

Buildings represent a significant proportion of Ireland's total energy consumption. The residential sector alone accounts for approximately for 27% of all energy usage in Ireland and emits some 10.5 million tonnes of CO₂ annually.  Because the potential for energy savings is so high, the buildings sector has become a priority area for the Government in trying to meet its ambitious climate and energy targets for 2020 and beyond.

In 2014, DCCAE published Ireland's first ever national renovation strategy which seeks to provide a pathway towards reducing emissions from buildings in the domestic, commercial, industrial and public sectors. This strategy sets out the measures currently in place to reduce emissions in these sectors and sets out the factors that will be considered in developing new measures.

The strategy has been prepared to fulfil Article 4 of the 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive which require all Member States to set out long-term strategies for mobilising investment in the renovation of buildings.