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​This European Target Model is a development flowing from the Third Energy Package.  It is the umbrella term for a detailed list of new common EU guidelines, procedures and codes to be put in place to enable a single EU-wide wholesale electricity market.  This electricity market integration across the EU is one of the medium term goals of the Third Package. The implementation of these common EU guidelines, procedures and codes across the EU will allow electricity and gas to be traded freely across the Union.

The SEM Committee is proceeding with an inclusive process to arrive at an EU compliant solution for SEM known as I-SEM.  The aim is to ensure that Ireland can obtain the benefits of EU electricity integration in a compliant manner and maintain as far as possible the positive aspects of SEM.  For more information on the I-SEM Project please see the quarterly updates on the All Island Market website.

Our Department is committed to helping Ireland in becoming part of the Internal Electricity Market.

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