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Energy Labelling

Energy Labelling


The Energy Labelling Regulations set out the national rules which implement the EU Directive on Energy Labelling. The rules are the same for all EU Member States and are controlled by the Directive which establishes a framework for the provision of labelling and other information to be provided for new energy-using products at the point of sale.

The regulations are in place to ensure consumers are provided with comparable information relating to the amount of energy and other resources a product consumes during use and aims to promote energy efficiency and more responsible use of energy by consumers. Consumers must be provided with an energy label showing the energy rating of the product and a product fiche providing standard information relating to the product at the point of sale. 

Under the regulations, EU delegated acts which set out the specific requirements for each category of product are in place for the majority of household appliances. As new EU acts come into force, Statutory Instruments (SI's) are published expanding the list of product categories covered by the regulations.


Legislation Documents