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Green Paper on Energy Policy in Ireland

The Green Paper on Energy Policy in Ireland was launched on 12 May 2014, it commenced a public consultation process on the future of energy policy in Ireland for the medium to long-term. The purpose of the consultation was to invite interested parties to tease out the most important points highlighted, express any other views and identify policy points for consideration.

The consultation finished on 31 July 2014 and 1,200 submissions were received.

You can view a summary of the submissions received, or each submission received below. 


Consultation Documents



Consultation Submissions



ABOWindIrelandLimited 23:00:00pdf437729
ART Generation Generation.pdfART Generation31/07/2014 23:00:00pdf101429
Action Management Solutions Estech USA Management Solutions Estech USA.pdfAction Management Solutions Estech USA31/07/2014 23:00:00pdf457104
Activation Energy and EnerNOC Energy and EnerNOC.pdfActivation Energy and EnerNOC31/07/2014 23:00:00pdf836754
Afri (Action from Ireland) (Action from Ireland).pdfAfri (Action from Ireland)31/07/2014 23:00:00pdf471324
Ahenny Action Goup Action Goup.pdfAhenny Action Goup31/07/2014 23:00:00pdf227265
Amarenco Solar Ltd.compressed Solar Ltd.compressed.pdfAmarenco Solar Ltd.compressed31/07/2014 23:00:00pdf2175857
American Chamber Chamber.pdfAmerican Chamber31/07/2014 23:00:00pdf412343
An Taisce Taisce.pdfAn Taisce31/07/2014 23:00:00pdf1101888
Anne Ferris TD Ferris TD.pdfAnne Ferris TD31/07/2014 23:00:00pdf311404