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UHF Spectrum Policy Review Group

The UHF Spectrum Policy Review Group was established in 2013 to:

  • examine the current issues and expected future developments associated with the current use of UHF spectrum for purposes of ‘free to air’ DTT broadcasting; and
  • establish a defined policy in regard to the continued use of such spectrum for these purposes.

The Group consisted of representatives of the main stakeholders engaged in terrestrial television broadcasting matters in Ireland.

The report looked at the issues in regard to the use and availability of UHF spectrum from the Broadcast perspective and maked recommendations aimed at safeguarding our national broadcast sector into the future, maximising benefits to the Irish economy and society alike.

Considering the Future Use of UHF Spectrum for Broadcasting in Ireland thus enabled Ireland determine its position in respect of the European Commission proposal in relation to moving Digital Terrestrial TV from the spectrum 694-790MHz, called the 700MHz band. It is expected that changes will be made to the broadcasting transmission network by late 2019, which will enable Ireland to cease using the 700MHz band for television by autumn 2020.