Interactive Map

State Intervention Procurement Update

In May 2019, Government approved the appointment of a "Preferred Bidder". This is the final step in the NBP procurement process before a Contract is awarded and deployment begins in the State intervention area. To learn more about what "Preferred Bidder" means please see our announcement page here.

Interactive Map

The High Speed Broadband Map identifies locations and premises as being AMBER, BLUE or LIGHT BLUE. 

We update the map on a quarterly basis. The most recent update shows the progress to Q2 2019.

  • AMBER areas - are the target areas for the State intervention of the National Broadband Plan. 
  • BLUE areas - where commercial operators are delivering or have indicated plans to deliver high speed broadband services. Operators are continuing to enhance their services in these areas to improve access to high speed broadband. Please contact us at to let us know if you cannot get high speed broadband from the providers in your area.  It would be helpful if you could advise the Department of any operators you may have contacted.    
  • LIGHT BLUE areas - areas where eir has committed to commercial rural deployment plans to rollout high speed broadband to 300,000 premises.

Please visit our FAQ page to find out what this means for you. For a snapshot of each county see our County Coverage Statistics.

You can find your premises on the interactive map by:

1) Entering your Eircode, use Eircode Finder tool
2) Entering your address in the search box
3) Zooming in on the map.

Map updates use the latest version of GeoDirectory which are revised every three months. As a result, the number of premises in all areas of the Map, including the LIGHT BLUE areas, may change from version to version. Changes might arise because of inaccuracies found and corrected or because premises become derelict or demolished (net reduction) or new buildings get built (net increase). If your premises footprint is not on the map please let the Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) know.