Hackathon Winners

Hackathon image

1st Prize (€5,000) went to the GDQ Team. Paul, Francisco & Séamus (pictured below) produced the Geographic Desirability Quotient (GDQ) to help users choose a place to live. The GDQ allows the user to set up the profile of their family, applies weightings to various facilities or amenities based on the profile and uses an algorithm to produce a 'heat map' of the most desirable places to live tailored the particular needs of that family.

2nd Prize (€3,000) – The PowerAll Team produced the Social Disability Marketplace. This is a web-based application that matches people with a disability with volunteers in the locality who are willing to help them by collecting errands. It also uses the Eircodes to navigate the volunteer to collect the errand and onwards to the home of the person with the disability.

And finally, the 3rd Prize (€1,000) went to Michael Kelly who presented two separate solutions. The first was an enhanced version of the Eircode Finder that uses publicly available Eircoded data to map all the services nearby that a user might need in an emergency. The second application obtained data from the online property websites, combined with publicly available open data such as schools, medical facilities and transport links etc., thereby allowing the house-hunter to view various layers of mapped information in the locality of that particular house.  This enabled the house hunter to identify localities that provided services to meet their needs while balancing the cost of buying/renting accommodation in that area.