​The delivery company Nightline will create 150 jobs with €3m investment.  The CEO of Nightline,  John Tuohy, has said that the expansion is due to the continued growth of e-commerce and the logic of Eircodes has allowed the company expand its services for both consumers and retailers.

Mr Tuohy said that 'the implementation of Eircodes has greatly improved our business' efficiency and has allowed us to enhance our customer delivery experience. Employing the Eircode system has allowed us at Nightline to develop and offer more innovative services to our customers.  While many online shopping orders come to us without an Eircode we use the Eircode system to verify address information. Now that Eircodes are increasingly more widely used including on Google Maps it's so easy for our van drivers in rural areas to get to an address quickly and accurately without having to ask the recipient for detailed directions.  We are currently working with Auto Address (an Irish address data company) on new innovative technology that will allow us give customers exact delivery time estimates and allow online shoppers choice and convenience about where and when they'd like their orders delivered.'