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Paramedics ar TV3

"Paramedics" a Tile Films production commissioned by TV3 is an observational documentary series filmed with the men and women of the HSE National Ambulance Service. The series gives viewers an eye opening insight into daily lives of Ireland's National Ambulance Service. From 999 crisis calls for help, to frontline emergency Paramedic crews responding nationwide.

In a recent episode, a quick thinking mother had her Eircode to hand when she rang the National Ambulance Service.  Her rural address was difficult to explain over the phone, the call taker asked her for her Eircode and got a direct match on the house. Giving her Eircode to the NAS call centre, could have saved her childs life.  Emergency call takers and frontline Paramedics may not always have local knowledge, and the difference Eircode has made is greatly beneficial.

Eircodes greatly assist the National Ambulance Service (NAS) to respond quickly to emergency calls. The NAS integrated Eircodes into their Computer Aided Dispatch system. This means when the callers to the NAS give the patient's Eircode, the call taker is able to find the exact location of the patient's address on a digital map (using GPS). The dispatcher can then direct the nearest available ambulance to the correct location, giving much speedier access to care. The quicker the response time, the more lives are saved.

Nearly 4 out of 10 ambulance emergency calls come from isolated, rural locations. In the past, responding to these calls caused operational difficulties. The NAS considers Eircode information to be very important in improving response times – particularly when responding to emergency calls from the more rural addresses.