Forbairtí AE

The EU has been focused on raising awareness and introducing regulatory measures on network and information security since the establishment of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) in 2005. Arising from the EU Cyber Security Strategy published in 2013, the Department is one of many State bodies in Ireland engaging with the EU's cyber security agenda. Since 2011, telecommunications undertakings via the Commission for Communications Regulation are already obligated to meet security requirements and report serious incidents to the Minister and ENISA.  The Department works with ENISA to facilitate engagement by relevant public and private sector parties in Ireland with the various capacity building measures being undertaken on a voluntary basis such as European Cyber Security Month awareness initiative, CSIRT support and cyber exercises.​

In July 2016, the European Union formally adopted a Directive on security of network and information systems. Directive 2016/1148/EU is intended to improve cyber security across the EU.