Intervention Strategy & Reports

On the 22 December 2015 we published the updated NBP Intervention Strategy. This updated version takes into account inputs from members of the public, industry and stakeholders, received during our public consultation that took place in July 2015. 

This document sets out a series of detailed Government policy objectives in respect of the proposed State intervention. Specifically it sets out the key elements of the intervention - what services are required and how they will be delivered.The Strategy is supported by the expert reports, available below.  A Steering Group was set up to provide guidance on the delivery of the National Broadband Plan Intervention Strategy.  A major part of the Intervention Strategy involves the procurement of a company or companies to bring high speed broadband to all households and businesses within the Intervention Area.

Around the same time, we carried out a consultation on managing the high speed broadband map pre, during and post procurement. This ' Managing the Map' report is also available below.