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Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about the updated Map?

The High Speed Broadband Map has been updated to reflect:

  • 84,500 premises are moving from the BLUE  to AMBER areas.  This is because they have no High Speed Broadband and they are in  areas where planned commercial investment is unlikely to happen and
  • The new LIGHT BLUE colour shows changes to the AMBER in areas where eir have committed to deliver high speed broadband by the end of 2018.  The LIGHT BLUE is represented by lines of individual dots which represent discrete  premises eir have committed to provide with access to High Speed Broadband.   Premises in the LIGHT BLUE will change to BLUE as the service is rolled out.  As of December 2016 there were just over 288,000 LIGHT BLUE premises.
  • The map will be updated quarterly.

Why has the Map changed? 

The revised map was produced following a review of the development plans of commercial operators.  This is essential to ensure that the State only targets areas where it is not economic for commercial operators to invest.

Can I use the map to find out if my premises will get access to high-speed broadband?

Yes. You can log on to and the step-by-step instructions will guide you to find your premises on the map.  By entering the details of either your Eircode or address, you will get information about whether you are located in a BLUE , LIGHT BLUE or AMBER area.

What does it mean if I am in a LIGHT BLUE area?

If your house is in a LIGHT BLUE area this means that you are within the new commercial deployment area and you may access high Speed Broadband by end of 2018.  Please check the following website for information on commercial deployment plans

What does it mean if my premises was in a BLUE area but is now marked as AMBER?

The Department has been monitoring the rollout of High Speed Broadband in the BLUE areas over the past few years.  In 2016 it conducted a thorough review of progress within the BLUE areas.  As a result some premises that were previously planned to be covered by commercial operators will now be included in the State Intervention.

What about premises in the BLUE areas that are not getting High Speed Broadband?

There may be certain parts of the BLUE areas where commercial HIGH Speed Broadband is not yet available.  The Department is continuing to identify those, to keep those areas under review and will update as solutions become available. If your premises cannot get High Speed Broadband email the Department at with your eircode and details of operators you have contacted. 

I am in a BLUE area but can only get speeds of 2Mbps/cannot get High Speed Broadband

The NBP State Intervention is working towards all premises having access to high speed broadband.  We are aiming to ensure that all premises receive a minimum download speed of 30 Mbit/s and a minimum upload speed of 6 Mbit/s at an affordable price (comparable to prices in the commercial (blue) areas).  

If your premises cannot get High Speed Broadband email the Department at with your eircode and details of operators you have contacted. 

I live in an AMBER area, when can I expect to receive a service through the State Intervention?

At this stage it is not possible to provided definitive timelines and it is very much dependant on the outcome of the current procurement process.

When will I get commercial service and from which service provider?

If you are in a BLUE/LIGHT BLUE area on the Map, you can or will be able to get high speed broadband from a commercial operator.  The precise timing of the installation of the networks to support High Speed Broadband service to your areas is a matter for commercial operators and you should check their websites/contact centres.

If you are in the amber area you will get access to high speed broadband when the broadband is rolled out under the intervention scheme.

I am in the Amber area , why can't you tell me when my specific area is going live?

When the contractor / contractors are appointed under the Broadband Intervention Scheme  they will provide details of their rollout plans. This information will be shared with the public at that stage.

Why is it taking so long to rollout broadband?

There is still a lot of work to do before detailed deployment rollout plans can be released with certainty.  This is a large and complex project and we need to get it right.  Our aim is to deliver high speed broadband infrastructure, to every home and business in Ireland that will stand the test of time.  We are currently in a formal procurement process to select a company or companies who will roll-out a new high speed broadband network within the State Intervention Area.

The procurement process is being intensively managed, to ensure an outcome that delivers a future-proofed network that serves homes and businesses across Ireland, for at least 25 years.

At this time we do not want to raise expectations until such time as we have finalised the tendering process.  We are keen to share information about where we are at in the procurement process.  To keep up to date with progress visit the procurement process page on our website:

How do I find out about when service will be available in my area?

In BLUE and LIGHT BLUE areas, the timing of the installation of the networks to support high speed broadband service is a matter for commercial operators. However, under the Commitment Agreement relating to the LIGHT BLUE areas, the operators will provide quarterly updates of plans and progress. This information will be available on the department and commercial operator websites.

In AMBER areas, after contract award, we will publish the network roll out plan.

Complaints regarding Broadband Services

Where can consumers file complaints about telecommunications services?

The terms of service are set out in the contract between you and your service provider.  Complaints about the service provided by your service provider is primarily a matter between you and the service provider. 

This is because the provision of telecommunications services, including broadband services, is a matter for the service providers concerned who operate in a fully liberalised market, regulated by the independent regulator, the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg). 

If, after having exhausted the service provider's complaint handling procedures, a customer is not happy they may contact ComReg, on 1890 229 668; online at or by email at, for further assistance and guidance.

Regulatory matters relating to the provision of services by operators, including any regulatory issues surrounding quality of service are the responsibility of ComReg.

 As the body that issues licences to broadband service providers, ComReg will investigate such complaints to ensure that the companies in question are delivering services in line with its licence obligations.