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The Broadcasting Act 2009

The Broadcasting Act 2009

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​The Broadcasting Act 2009 sets the regulatory framework for broadcasting services in Ireland. It consolidates all Irish broadcasting content related legislation in a single Act.

The Act establishes a new regulatory authority the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) which assumes the roles of the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) and Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCC), and a range of new regulatory functions, including oversight of public service broadcasters.

The Act also includes provisions in relation to:

  • Board appointments
  • Broadcasting standards
  • Complaints and the Right of Reply
  • Commercial and community broadcasters
  • Public service broadcasters
  • TV Licence
  • Broadcasting Fund
  • Digital Terrestrial Television and Digital Switch-Over

The Broadcasting Act 2009 was signed into law on 12 July 2009 and the BAI was established on 1 October 2009.


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