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NBP High Speed Map Public Consultation

on the 24th of november 2014, we launched a public consultation to get the views of citizens, stakeholders and representative bodies on the national broadband plan (nbp) mapping exercise. the consultation consisted of a public consultation document .

the key questions asked were:

  • the accuracy of the map and how it has been developed;
  • the proposed changes to the next generation access (nga) assessment criteria following the call for input in june 2014 which were used to develop the map;
  • the most appropriate process to capture any changes or updates to nga coverage arising over time;
  • what should be deemed a strategic connection point for the purposes of connecting communities, for example schools and hospitals
  • invites further submissions of mapping data from operators who have planned to deploy high speed broadband services.

we received 29 submissions by the closing date of 12th of february 2015. the information received will help us further develop the accuracy of the map and identify the areas where state investment is required to enable high speed broadband.

you can view the non-confidential submissions received here.

to find out more on the nbp progress to date visit our latest news section.

what happens after the public consultation?

after the consultation

  1. intensive design and planning work will continue to produce a detailed intervention strategy under the national broadband plan (nbp). this will include fully costed proposals for the state-led intervention in the nbp intervention areas identified on the map;
  2. another public consultation on our intervention strategy will be launched
  3. the department will then issue a request for tender to industry with a view to entering contract or contracts with preferred bidder(s) to execute the intervention strategy. we would expect this to take place in 2015.

this consultation helps the department identify the areas where state investment is required to enable high speed broadband, in other words, what premises need to be served by the state-led intervention. it is also a requirement under eu state aid guidelines.

informed by this consultation, the intervention strategy will set out the optimal approach to enable high speed broadband services to be delivered to the premises identified on the map.

Consultation Documents



Consultation Submissions



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