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Process for updating the High Speed Broadband Map - pre, during and post procurement

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​​​​The purpose of this public consultation was to seek the views of industry, stakeholders and members of the public on the process proposed to manage the High Speed Broadband Map.

Our High Speed Broadband Map and any changes made to it in the future could have an impact on the ability of bidders to prepare bids for a public procurement.  This is because the number of homes and businesses in the Intervention is critical to any bid.

This consultation documentation set out the proposed approach to managing the High Speed Broadband Map as current and future commercial plans are taken into account. It is important that stakeholders are clear at all times on the planned Intervention Area, and how this area may change through the procurement process and during the rollout of the high speed broadband network. This should also provide the assurance that any aid granted by the State is granted only to those premises that require State funding for the roll out of high speed broadband. 

Since 2013 we have been engaging with operators to develop the High Speed Broadband Map.  The map identifies areas where there are concrete plans to roll out high speed broadband on a commercial basis.  Such areas will be excluded from the proposed State intervention.  Over the past eighteen months we have assessed the financial, technical and deployment details of the investment plans of commercial operators to assess their credibility, consistent with the State Aid Guidelines.  In the interests of full transparency, we published the process we have adopted to assess commercial high speed broadband investment plans.

Submissions received will be carefully considered with a view to finalising the process for managing the High Speed Broadband Map and proceeding to formal procurement by end of 2015.

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