Sectoral adaptation planning

Following approval of NAF by Government relevant sectoral Ministers will be requested to prepare sectoral adaptation plans setting out the adaptation policy measures that they intend to take within the sector covered by the adaptation plan.

Sectors will be requested to prepare their sectoral plans according to a risk based adaptation management approach. The five key steps in this approach are: 

  1. Building the adaptation team – defining the scope of work.
  2. Assessing the adaptation baseline.
  3. Assessing future climate risk. 
  4. Identifying, assessing and prioritising adaptation options.
  5. Monitoring and Review.

Work on a number of sectoral adaptation plans has progressed under the non-statutory NCCAF. This will inform the development of statutory sectoral adaptation plans following the approval of the NAF  Full Details of sectoral adaptation activity are set out in the Annual Transition Statement 2016 with notable progress achieved by OPW (adaptation plan for flood risk management); Agriculture and Forest(Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine); and Transport(Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport. The latter two sectors benefitted from expert technical support provided by MaREI/UCC funded under the EPA research programme.