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Our Department

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment is responsible for creating and implementing policies in order to protect and manage Ireland’s;

  • energy supply,
  • natural resources,
  • communications,
  • broadcasting,
  • and postal services.

The department must ensure that all of its policies are in line with EU and global obligations. These policies are of vital national strategic importance and play a major underpinning role in our national economic development. The areas for which the department is responsible are, by their nature, undergoing substantial and rapid change. Therefore, the department is actively engaged in responding to that change in collaboration with its agencies, other government departments and its stakeholders.

The department oversees 17 commercial, non-commercial and regulatory bodies. Each of which is responsible for a specific division of the communications, energy or natural resources sectors. View the State Bodies under the aegis of the department. 

Our Corporate Governance Framework

Our Governance Framework aims to provide an overview on who we are, what we do and our mission and values. The preparation of the Framework derives from Action 3 of the Civil Service Renewal Plan. The Framework bases itself on a Corporate Governance Framework for the Civil Service issued by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform late in 2015.

Good governance is central to the effective operation of the Department. It ensures that a framework of structures, policies and processes are in place to achieve these outcomes. It is essential in;

  • discharging our statutory and policy obligations,
  • in achieving our objectives,
  • and in delivering our priorities efficiently and effectively.

Statement of Strategy

The Statement of Strategy sets out the objectives, strategies and target outcomes of the department for the next three years. It recognises that the Department is central to delivery of policies and programmes which have increased in national strategic importance in recent years.