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Statement of Strategy 2015-2017

statement of strategy 2015

The Strategy of Strategy 2015- 2017 sets out the objectives, strategies and target outcomes of the Department for the next three years. It recognises that the Department is central to delivery of policies and programmes which have increased in national strategic importance in recent years, and which are playing a major underpinning role in our national economic development.

The Department has a diverse business agenda encompassing the energy, natural resources, communications, postal and broadcasting sectors with an active EU and international agenda across most of these sectors.

We are responsible for 18 commercial, non-commercial and regulatory bodies which are key actors in the sectors in which they operate. The areas for which we are responsible are by their nature undergoing substantial and rapid change as outlined in the Statement of Strategy and as a Department we must ensure that we are actively engaged in shaping and responding to that change in collaboration with our agencies, other Government Departments and our stakeholders.

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