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National Disability Strategy

‚ÄčThe National Disability Strategy (NDS) was launched by the Government in September 2004 with the overall aim of supporting equal participation of people with disabilities in society. The implementation of the NDS is the agreed focus of disability policy under the Partnership Agreement Towards 2016 (T2016). What that means is that disability policy and programmes relevant to the lifecycle framework for people with disabilities will be progressed through the NDS with particular expression being provided through sectoral plans and other relevant mechanisms.

Under  T2016 the National Disability Strategy Stakeholder Monitoring Group (NDSSMG) was established to monitor progress on the overall implementation of the NDS. The NDSSMG meets twice yearly to consider  and discuss the twice yearly report on progress on the implementation of the NDS. The reports are submitted to the Cabinet Committee on Social Inclusion and to the Implementation Steering Group under the Social Partnership Agreement.

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