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The report for national waste prevention programme

Minister welcomes 2015 annual report for the national waste prevention programme


15 December 2016


The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment today welcomed publication by the Environment Protection Agency of its 2015 annual report for the national waste prevention programme ‘Towards a Resource Efficient Ireland’. 


“I find it extremely encouraging to read of the many innovative and enterprising people in Ireland working towards making our society more sustainable.  The assistance they get from the EPA’s programme is critical to making real change happen.  Companies, communities and farmers can reduce their impact on climate, water and our health at the same time as saving money and resources when they avail of the programmes delivered by the EPA.  The funding my department provides to the programme has generated savings many times over not just in environmental terms but in financial savings too.   Preventing waste, in all its forms is good for the environment and our pockets too and this is a message we should bear in mind as we approach the Christmas season.”

Highlights from the programme in 2015 include:


·         29 companies were helped identify savings worth over €1.2 million by saving water, energy and wastage;

·         650 farmers were helped identify costs savings of over €5,000 per farm while reducing their environmental impact;

·         12 green enterprise projects were funded to develop sustainable products, services or to raise awareness of sustainable business practice.

·         The Stop Food Waste initiative was active right across the country and through its links with local authorities is said to have reached over 10,000 people; its website attracted 400,000 visits and it’s community challenge programme saw average food waste reductions of up to 45% achieved;

·         The FreeTrade Ireland website helped members of the public find new homes for over 12,000 unwanted items for free;

·         Every local authority was assisted in working with communities on projects such as preventing food waste; greening local festivals; and reusing leftover paint.

The Towards a Resource Efficient Ireland programme aims to break the link between economic growth and environmental impact by changing behaviours in businesses, households and the public sector so as to reduce the wasteful consumption of material, water and energy resources.  The report can be accessed via the website of the of the EPA.



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