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Government Contributes to Fund to help Developing Countries Respond to Climate Change

The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Minister Richard Bruton T.D. has secured government approval to make a contribution for Ireland to the replenishment of the Global Environment Facility Trust Fund (GEF). Ireland will contribute €5.73 million, paid in annual instalments, starting this year and continuing until 2022.

The GEF is a Fund managed by the United Nations and World Bank which provides grants to developing countries for a range of environmental projects, including to make the adjustments necessary to respond to climate change. Since its establishment in 1991, the GEF has provided over $18 billion in grants and mobilised an additional $93 billion in financing for more than 4,500 projects worldwide. The Fund is now being replenished for the 7th time.

Areas agreed as priority areas for the fund for the coming years:

• Biodiversity;
• climate change;
• land degradation;
• international waters; and
• chemicals and waste.
Funded projects will also have an impact on:

• food systems, land use, and restoration;
• sustainable cities; and
• sustainable forest management.
Announcing the continuation of Ireland's contribution, Minister Bruton said, "The decisions we make now in tackling climate change will define the next century. It is so important that we support developing countries to meet the costs associated with the transformation that is needed."

Notes for Editor
In accordance with the Government Decision of 9 March 1994, Dáil Éireann approved Ireland's participation in the GEF. To date, in the period 1994 to 2017, the Government has approved Irish contributions to the GEF Trust Fund of €30 million, payable in annual instalments over four year replenishment cycles (IR£1.7 million for the period 1994 to 1997; IR£3.69 million for the second replenishment 1998 to 2001; €5.73 million for the third replenishment 2002 to 2005; €5.73 million for the fourth replenishment 2006 to 2009; €5.73 million for the fifth replenishment 2010 to 2013; and €5.73 million for the sixth replenishment 2014 to 2018).

The latest contribution of €5.73 million will form part of Ireland's overseas aid contributions during the period 2018-2022.

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