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Pay by Weight Household Waste Charging Arrangements

‚ÄčThe Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten, T.D., confirms that the 1st of January 2017 date for the mandatory introduction of 'dual pricing' with and an "opt-in" to pay-per-kilogramme charges by waste collectors is being deferred.


The Minister stated that "it does not make sense to require the waste collectors, from the 1st of January, to dual price against, or to offer opt-ins for the old mandatory per-kilogramme pricing proposal".


The Minister outlined that "the review with industry representatives and regulatory authorities is continuing, which is exploring a more flexible framework of pay-by-weight pricing structures for householders, which will incentivise people to reduce and separate their waste and will enable the collectors to provide more options to help households manage their waste costs".


Work on the review is continuing and the agreement with industry representatives is still in place so that customers would pay, in the meantime, no more for the same level of service than they were paying for waste collection before last summer.


Note to Editor:

Under dual pricing, it was intended that waste collectors would provide their customers with their bill under their existing price plan and they would also provide a comparative bill so that customers would see what they would be paying under a pay-per-kilogramme price.

As the on-going review is considering a more flexible pricing framework than a 'one size fits all' per-kilogramme price, it would not make sense to implement dual pricing from the 1st of January using the old mandatory per-kilogramme pricing proposal.

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