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Naughten reminds the public that bonfires are illegal and warns of detrimental health effects of burning tyres


Statement by Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten TD


31st October 2017


The Minister for the Environment Denis Naughten is reminding the public that bonfires are illegal under Waste Legislation. The Law states it is an offence to dispose of waste by uncontrolled or unregulated burning. 


"An Gardai Sίochana and local authorities are out in force on the ground today trying to clear stockpiles in advance of this evening to prevent bonfires from starting in our cities and communities but they cannot be on every street.  The reality is that some people will be determined to engage in Halloween bonfires in our public spaces and on our waste-ground in communities with potentially devastating safety, health and environmental effects," stated Minister Naughten. 


"I am appealing to the public to think about the consequences of starting bonfires not just from a public safety and legal perspective but on environmental and health grounds as well.  The burning of tyres particularly has detrimental health and environmental effects, not just for those standing close to these fires but for the wider community as fumes travel and for the emergency services personnel that will have to respond," added Minister Naughten


"The fumes that are released from a burning tyre contain hundreds of different highly toxic life threatening chemicals and pollutants. Children and older people are especially at risk of damage as particles settle deep inside the lungs. I am appealing to the public to report any stockpiles of materials and to refrain from starting and attending illegal bonfires tonight," concluded Minister Naughten.




Note for Editors:


S.I. 286 of 2009 explicitly outlaws the practice of burning waste (including tyres). The purpose of these regulations is to make it clearly an offence to dispose of waste by uncontrolled or unregulated burning.


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