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Minister Naughten announces deeper energy efficiency upgrades for homes

Naughten expands measures for those who cannot afford to heat their homes to include external wall insulation and renewable heating


March 29th 2018


The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten, has today announced that the energy efficiency upgrade measures available under the SEAI administered Warmer Homes Scheme are to be expanded to include measures such as external wall insulation, renewable heating systems and replacement windows.


This means that the Scheme will now be able to extend to homes that could not previously receive works.  These homes will receive a deeper upgrade which will deliver greater energy savings and a reduction in carbon emissions.


Most importantly making these homes energy efficient will mean that people who were finding it difficult to meet the cost of heating their home adequately, will find their homes warmer, drier and healthier to live in. 


This is the next step in implementing the Minister's decision to transition away from grant supports for fossil fuels. 


Making the announcement at the Energy Action annual conference in Croke Park today, Minister  Denis Naughten said: "The Warmer Homes Scheme is Ireland's primary grant support scheme for households in energy poverty. Free energy efficiency upgrades are provided to vulnerable households, making those homes warmer and cheaper to heat. For 2018 I have allocated €24m to the scheme.  Up to now we have primarily focussed on supporting shallower measures with this scheme. These deliver high energy savings for low cost, and have an impact in making a home warmer and more efficient. It has been the sensible starting point.  Last year the scheme was expanded to provide deeper retrofit measures to homes in particularly poor condition. However, we must now take the extra step and reach for even greater energy and carbon savings, especially for homes that are harder to treat. These will only be achieved with deeper measures.  Therefore I am very pleased to announce that the Warmer Homes Scheme will now support all types of wall insulation, including external and crucially replacement windows will be supported under this expansion. Not only will this see the Scheme reach homes that could not previously receive works, but they can now be provided with a deeper upgrade. Critically, by providing these deeper insulation measures under the Warmer Homes Scheme, where heating systems need to be installed or old fossil fuel systems replaced, we will now create the opportunity to install clean renewable heating technologies.   This is further progress on implementing the decision I made at the end of last year to transition away from grant supports for fossil fuels to renewables."


For further information on the Warmer Homes scheme see SEAI's website[1] at or contact SEAI at or by phone at 1800 250 204.




Funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment and operated by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), the Warmer Homes Scheme is the Government's primary support for households in energy poverty. The Minister is announcing the expansion of the scheme to provide deeper retrofit measures to those households that are most vulnerable to energy poverty.


The Warmer Homes scheme provides free energy efficiency upgrades to households that are at or vulnerable to energy poverty. These upgrades, including attic and cavity wall insulation, draught proofing and lagging jackets help to improve a home's energy performance. They result in increased comfort and lower electricity bills for recipients. €24 million has been allocated to the Warmer Homes scheme for 2018.





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