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Minister Denis Naughten attends President Macron’s Climate Summit

Tuesday, December 12th 2017


The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten is in Paris to represent Ireland at a high level global climate Summit hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron. 


The summit, entitled 'One Planet' is being held to mark the second anniversary to the day, of the historic Paris Climate Agreement and is being attended by more than 100 Heads of State and international Environment Ministers. 


Minister Naughten will reaffirm Ireland's commitment to the global objectives set down by the Paris Agreement to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions.


President Macron convened the Summit following the American withdrawal from the Paris Agreement by US President Donald Trump last June. 


The Summit will focus on how to finance the move away from fossil fuels and measures needed to adapt and mitigate against global warming. 


Another key focus of the Summit is to develop a global action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping in 2018.


Shipping is a growing source of greenhouse gases, projected to account for more than 17% of global emissions by 2050.  Shipping fuel is much heavier and thicker than aircraft fuel, and therefore produces more harmful emissions.  Since it's less refined, it's cheaper and as it is burned out at sea, the effects are less visible. Until now international shipping has been left out of global agreements on climate change, including the Paris Agreement, due to difficulties identifying a clear nation of origin.


Minister Naughten said any "international policies to clean up shipping need to be global in scale and scope."


The Summit will also hear that $6.3 trillion is needed annually until 2030 to meet global climate goals. So far, Governments have committed US$100 billion per year from 2020, which means that the private sector will be essential to bridging the climate finance gap. 

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