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Minister Bruton Welcomes Conclusion of Climate Change Talks & Agreement of Rule Book

Agreed rule book will ensure progress reported across the board in a consistent manner


Ireland fully committed to implementation of Paris Agreement


The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Mr Richard Bruton T.D. today (Saturday the 15th of December) said today,


"I welcome the conclusion of talks at  the Twenty-fourth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP 24). Of particular importance, is the agreement of the rule book which will ensure that all countries are reporting progress in a consistent and transparent manner.


"Ireland is fully committed to the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Parties to the Paris Agreement committed in 2015 to concluding work on these implementing rules by the end of this year.  This work has now reached a successful conclusion and this target will now be met.


"The agreed rules put in place the structures for:

·         tracking global emissions;

·         providing capacity-building and financial support; and

·         facilitating action to adapt to the impacts of climate change.


"My experience there highlighted the urgency of the work we are doing at home. The decisions we take now will define the next century. We must step up our response across the board, including all corners of society in facing up to the challenge we have before us.  


"These talks were a significant milestone. International co-operation is crucial if we are to respond to this global challenge."


Minister Bruton recently secured government approval to develop an all of government plan to make Ireland a leader in responding to climate change.The focus will be on implementation. We will identify actions with clear timelines and the steps needed to get there, and assign clear lines of responsibility for delivery. He is currently working across government to develop new initiatives across a range of sectors.



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