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Minister Bruton Visits Castlebar to Talk Climate Change


The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton T.D. is today (Friday the 5th of April) in Castlebar to hear the views and ideas of the local community on climate change.


Speaking at GMIT Castlebar Campus, Minister Bruton will say: "Tackling Climate disruption is vital for every family, every community and every enterprise. It is about having a sustainable future. I am here today to discuss how we can step up our response as a country."


"I'm currently working with my government colleagues across all departments to develop an all of government Climate Plan. The Climate Plan will set out a detailed road map in which every part of government will take responsibility to lead the way. However to succeed we will have to mobilise people across all sectors  - including buildings, heat, transport, industry and agriculture to step up Ireland's response to climate change."


This journey will create a better Ireland, but it calls for major change. That is why we asked the Citizens Assembly and an All Party Oireachtas Committee to help shape the approach and ensure that it is fair to those who feel the transition hardest.


"It is only by communities working together that we will reach our goals. That is why a discussion like this is so important to help us get all our efforts working to a common purpose."


As part of Minister Bruton's visit to Mayo he will also open the new Climate Action Regional Office for the Atlantic Seaboard North area. The office is operated by Mayo County Council  and given its close relationship with local communities, businesses and other local authorities in the region it is uniquely positioned to facilitate effective climate action at both the regional and local level. Minister Bruton said, "The establishment of this office represents a hugely important resource for the region. It provides a focal point for businesses and communities to partner and collaborate with local authorities in delivering on meaningful climate action across Mayo, Galway, Sligo and Donegal, thus providing a valuable contribution to our national efforts in combatting climate change."


He will also visit Cairn International Trade Centre operated by a subsidiary of IRD Kiltimagh which has been a key driver of employment and community development in the region showing the impact the local community, local authority, employers and state agencies can have by working together. This campus is home to the flagship, Cairn International Trade Centre which accommodates approximately 15 companies employing 70 people.


On the final stop on his visit to Mayo Minister Richard Bruton will also call to a house that produces almost no carbon. 'Earth house' located just outside Kiltimagh is a home that that has been upgraded A1 zero energy standard with a focus on retrofitting and using sunlight to produce its energy through solar panels.  



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