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Government announce €1m boost for Geology research

industry and third level to benefit from targeted funding for geoscience research projects, from uav mapping to landslide modelling and clean drinking water.


dublin, 21 march 2016


it was announced today that the government will provide €1m funding for 41 small scale geoscience research projects in 2016.

the projects have been funded by the geological survey of ireland in the department of communications, energy and natural resources as part of the 2015/2016 gsi geoscience research short call, and will be of less than one year in duration.

"we ae funding a very wide  range of applied projects, from using unmanned aerial vehicles for coastal mapping to landslide monitoring and 3d modelling of shipwrecks. we also have projects on groundwater drinking supplies, recycling of mine waste, geotourism, geothermal energy and seismicity in ireland. the outputs of these projects will go a long way to help the country understand and manage its often hidden natural resources. the short turnaround of these projects will also mean the impacts for society will occur quickly. the standard and quality of the applications received have proven that irish geoscience researchers, both in industry and third level can compete at the highest level and can directly support geoscience industries in ireland" said mr koen verbruggen, director of the geological survey of ireland.

the research programme will complement substantial recent government investments in this area such as the irish centre for research in applied geoscience (icrag), co-funded by sfi and industry partners. 

on release of the details of the successful awardees, gsi research manager dr aoife braiden said "by making the funding available to both sme and academic partners, we have seen an increase in participation from industry in research activities and a welcomed increase in collaborations between the public and private sector in terms of geoscience research. we hope that funding such as this will help to grow and strengthen the valuable geoscience sector in ireland and answer real problems for both industry and the relevant authorities".

37% of applications were from smes, 54% from universities and 9% from other organisations. 29% of applications related to the tellus programme ( ), 29% to the infomar programme ( ) and 32% to other geoscience topics including energy, minerals and raw materials, groundwater, geotourism, public perception and geological mapping.

details of the projects receiving funding (attached) can also be found on the geological survey of ireland's website at



note to editors

for further information contact dr aoife braiden, research manager, gsi  (01) 6782650

for further information about icrag, see


project titlelead applicanthost organisation
determining fractured bedrock aquifer parameters using magnetic resonance sounding to better constrain numerical groundwater models in support of catchment scale water resource managementulrich ofterdingerqub
spatially constrained bayesian inversion of frequency- and time-domain airborne electromagnetic data from the tellus projectsvolker rathdias
analysis and monitoring strategy of irish landslidespaul dohertygdg geosolutions ltd
3d geological map of the pre-glacial trench central dublinmike longucd
geocoast guide to the wild atlantic way (a guide to coastal geology and landscapes of the wild atlantic way)maxim kozachenkogeocoast research centre ltd
development of a coastal infrastructure gis (open source)maxim kozachenkogeocoast research centre ltd
integrated geological-geophysical model for stratiform zn-pb explorationtom davittpgw europe ltd
irish sea suitability mapping for novel offshore foundations mark coughlangaelectric
natural, man-made and induced seismicity of ireland: discrimination and hazardpierre arroucaudias
developing a rapid, low-cost bathymetric survey methodology using multiresolution imageryconor cahalanenuim
characterisation of stable isotope fractionations during reactive transport of phosphate in groundwater discharging to a groundwater fed lake (lough gur, co. limerick)laurence gilltcd
linking sources of contamination of groundwater resources with naturally occurring arsenic in metasedimentary rock in irelandliam morrisonnui, galway
linking sedimentary architecture and sediment sources in the nw carboniferous basinshane tyrrellnui, galway
irish soil thermal properties projectriccardo pasqualiterra geoserv ltd
uav for intertidal and coastal zone mapping feasibility studyronan o'toolegreenlight surveys ltd
development of a coastal infrastructure  web gis with remote sensing focusgearoid o'riaincompass infomatics ltd
a hydrography training program demonstratorjames riordansonarsim ltd
feasibility of offshore energy converters in irish sea luke prendergastucd
frequency of slope collapses on rockall bank and mechanical characterisation of the sedimentsaggiliki georgiopoulouucd
quantifying coastal evolution along donegal bay system using remote sensing approachescolman gallagherucd
using tellus electromagnetic and geochemical datasets to improve soil mapping in irelandmark holdstockaurum exploration services
coastal modelling through low-cost video-based photogrammetrydebra laeferucd
production of a handbook of karst for irish hydrogeologistscoran kellytobin consulting engineering
an all-ireland quaternary mapmark coopergsni
characterisation of mining wastemark holdstockaurum exploration services
the geochemistry of waterford copper coast mineralisationgiulio solferinoucc
unmanned surface vehicle for inshore bathymetric surveydan toalul
semi-autonomous uav landing in challenging conditionsdan toalul
all-ireland karst features datasetkirstin lemongsni
deposition and accumulation of microplastics and pollutants in marine sediments from the irish continental shelfaudrey morleyqub
mineral prospectivity; analysis utilising publically available datasets and free & open source softwaremark holdstockaurum exploration services
assessing marine and anthropogenic influences on the terrestrial biosphere strontium isotope budgetquentin crowleytcd
investigation of ireland's coastal platforms: location, type and coastal protectionmary bourketcd
u-tops: microscale toolbox and protocols for sulphides studiesdamaris fernandeztcd
geochemical anomaly detection: spatial analysis for improved use of geochemical dataderek reaygsni
3d simulation of ireland 'ancient east' marine environmentgavin duffyrealsim games ltd
integrated interpretation and modelling of tellus aeromagnetic, gravity, radiometric and mulstispectral analysis of satellite imagery datasets for exploration and identification of deep geothermal target areas in the midland valley terrane (deepgeo)riccardo pasqualiterra geoserv ltd
past and modern environments of galway bay (gb-env)sara benettiuu
development of integrated protocols for the rapid mapping and assessment of metal contamination in intertidal and supratidal environmentshelen roequb
innovative approaches to identifying and mapping coastal landslidesmary bourketcd
mapping the spatial and temporal variations of water quality in dublin baydermot diamonddcu

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