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Statement by Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment

​​​​​18th October 2018

Following on from recent events, the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment have carried out a comprehensive review of all diary meetings between the former minister, senior officials and Enet, Mr.David Mc Court or Granahan Mc Court over the past two years.


A schedule of these meetings is attached.


It is worth noting that the Department engages with Enet on a variety of issues, not just the National Broadband Plan. Enet is the company that manages the State Owned Metropolitan Area Networks that come within the remit of the Department. Metropolitan Area Networks are state owned infrastructure that connect local area networks all around the country, so contact at various levels in the Department with Enet would be expected. 


The tender process for the National Broadband Plan (NBP) is taking the form of a competitive dialogue which requires extensive engagement between bidders and the Department  to see how the  Department's needs in terms of delivering the National Broadband Plan can best be met.  The procurement has consisted of approx. 800 hours of dialogue, with all potential bidders.


The minutes for all meetings, including the one which took place on the morning of the 26th of  June are attached.


All details will now be forwarded to Mr. Peter Smyth, the independent process auditor to the NBP procurement, to consider as part of his review. Mr. Smyth will submit a report to the Taoiseach and the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment within three weeks.


Mr. Smyth is free, at his own discretion, to review all relevant documentation held by the Department and\or to seek written or oral inputs from any relevant parties.


Attachment 1- Meetings

Attachment 2 - Meeting note 26 June 18

Attachment 3-Minute of Meeting NY 16 July 2018​

Attachment 4 - NBP Sponsor meeting 26 June 18

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