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Confusion Over! Minister Naughten announces first ever single national standard list of recyclable items


The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten TD, has today announced, for the first time ever, a single, national standard list of items that can go into the recycle bin.  This will eliminate the confusion that currently exists around what goes into the recycle bin and the materials that should not.

"Whether your home is in Letterkenny or Listowel, Roscommon or Rathmines from today I am pleased to announce that, for the first time ever, we now have a single, standard national list of items and materials that can be placed in the recycle bin.  Removing confusion will play a huge role in improving the quality of the material that goes in the recycle bin. This will help to ensure that these items are actually recycled, as opposed to being contaminated accidentally by householders and sent to landfill. The list of suitable material is now simply paper, cardboard, rigid plastics, tins and cans."


In order to get the message out to the public Minister Naughten has launched a Waste Recycling Ambassadors Campaign which will ensure that everyone knows what materials are now only acceptable in our recycling bins.


"Over the next year, under the 'Recycling Ambassador Programme' 650 local workshops will be held involving community groups, sporting associations and people in the workplace. The intention is to directly engage with 15,000 citizens on how to recycle correctly and for those Ambassadors to spread the word to family, friends and colleagues. I welcome the support of the waste industry on this project and for their assistance in producing the new definitive standard national recycling list," concluded Minister Naughten.


New definitive standard recycling list available here:



Notes to Editor:

Recycling means any recovery operation by which waste materials are reprocessed into products, materials or substances whether for the original or other purposes. It includes the reprocessing of organic material but does not include energy recovery and the reprocessing into materials that are to be used as fuels or for backfilling operations.

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