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Public Consultation on the implementation of the UNECE Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers in Ireland


The Department of the Communications, Climate Action and Environment invites comments from interested parties on the implementation in Ireland of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (known as the PRTR) in Ireland.

The PRTR Protocol is a Protocol to the Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters known as the Aarhus Convention.  The Aarhus Convention contains a provision requiring each Party to take steps to progressively establish "a coherent, nationwide system of pollution inventories or registers on a structured, computerised and publicly accessible database compiled through standardised reporting". This led to the adoption of the PRTR Protocol in Kiev in 2003.

The PRTR Protocol requires each of its parties to establish and maintain a publicly accessible national PRTR that meets which meets certain requirements that are set out in the Protocol.  The Irish PRTR was established in October 2011,, and is a publicly accessible register containing information on the releases from facilities into the environment, and transfers to other facilities, of a defined set of pollutants from certain specified activities. Ireland ratified the PRTR Protocol on 20 June 2012.


Context of this Consultation

Article 17, paragraph 2, of the PRTR Protocol requires the Meeting of the Parties (MOP) to keep under continuous review the implementation of this Convention on the basis of regular reporting by the Parties through National Implementation Reports. The next Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol will take place in September 2017 and each Party to the Protocol is required to report to that meeting on the measures taken to apply the Protocol's provisions.

Ireland submitted its first National Implementation Report 2014 to the PRTR Protocol secretariat in December 2013.

A draft National Implementation Report 2017 has been prepared and comments on this draft are now invited in accordance with the recommendations of the PRTR Protocol secretariat.  It is an edited, updated version of the 2014 National Implementation Report for Ireland. 

In order to advance the completion of this report, comments are invited from stakeholders, members of the public and other interested parties. 

The draft report on which comments are sought and a copy of the UNECE PRTR Protocol text is available below:

Text of PRTR Protocol

The purpose of this consultation is to provide the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the PRTR Protocol Secretariat and the PRTR Compliance Committee with the widest possible range of views and opinions on issues related to the implementation of, and practical arrangements for the promotion of, the PRTR Protocol in Ireland.  

The outcome of this consultation will feed into the work being carried out by the PRTR Protocol MOP and into the effective implementation of the PRTR Protocol by the Parties to the Convention, as well as proving useful across the wider policy development agenda.

A synthesis report for each session of the MOP summarising the progress made and identifying significant trends, challenges and solutions will be prepared on the basis of the National Implementation Reports.

More Information

For more information on the PRTR Protocol, please see:

Comments on this public consultation should be submitted by email or by post no later than 5pm on Thursday 01st December 2016 to the addresses below:


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Please bring this public consultation process to the attention of any individuals or groups that may be interested. 

Responses and Access to Information

Please note that all submissions and comments submitted to the Department of the Communications, Climate Action and Environment for this purpose are subject to release under the Freedom of Information Acts 1997 and 2003 and under the European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations (2007 to 2014) and may be placed on the Department's website.


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Consultation Documents



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