Closure and Aftercare

Old Roof Slate Quarry

A detailed costed closure plan is a requirement of State Mining Facilities, IPPC Licences and planning permissions. Adequate financial provision must be made for all closure and rehabilitation costs, including for premature closure, taking into account any long-term residual active or passive care which might be necessary, including monitoring and inspection.

Closure plans leave the mine and the tailings management facility (TMF) site in an acceptable condition ensuring public health and safety, minimising the risk of contamination and, where possible, allows productive use of the land or creates a stable environment.

The Minerals Development Acts also provide that compensation must be paid in respect of any damage to land or water supplies, or nuisance caused as a result of activity under any lease or licence. This is a strict liability, which means that there is no need to demonstrate negligence, only that damage was caused by working minerals or minerals exploration.