Field Data

The 2013 and 2014 Field datasets are currently available from the Department. Field datasets are delivered on portable digital media.

Purchase options (Field only)

In order to purchase a field dataset the purchaser must hold a data licence agreement from the Department for the equivalent PreSTM dataset. The following charges for Field data are in addition to the charge for PreSTM data:

Line km:               €2.50 per linear km (Part lines can be purchased but minimum line length of the long profiles is 500km

                               of continuous data).

Year:                     €22,500 for the 2013 Field dataset;

                               €13,500 for the 2014 field dataset

Entire:                  The charge for purchasing the entire Field dataset is €24,000.

Please note that Field data are not being made available on a basin basis.


A company who has purchased the 2013 Field dataset may purchase the 2014 Field dataset at a charge of €1,500.

Separate terms and conditions will apply in respect of exploration company use (interpretation) and commercial use (derivative/value added products)

Academic institutions and bona fide researchers can apply, subject to terms and conditions, for access to the field datasets.


Field data Request Form