2011 Environmental Management Plan

‚ÄčIncident Reports

Surface Water Discharge Incident Report

Environs Review re Noise Monitoring at Aghoose

Letter dated 22nd December 2011 to Mr M Crothers, SEPIL

Letter dated 6th January 2012 from SEPIL re EMP breaches.pdf

Letter dated 13th January 2012 to Mr M Crothers, SEPIL

Environmental Management Plan for Construction of Site Compound & to Conduct Offshore Surveys

EMP Approval Letter dated 3rd February 2012

Clarification to EMP Approval Letter (of 15 July 2011) dated 25 July 2011

EMP Approval Letter dated 15 July 2011

Review by Environ on Environmental Management Plan & Associated Appendices

Environmental Management Plan

Appendix A- Environmental Monitoring Programme Onshore pipeline

Appendix B - Waste Management Plan

Appendix C - Geotech Risk Register

Appendix D - ABP Conditions

Appendix E - DCENR Conditions

Appendix G - Vessel Code of Conduct

Appendix H - HSE Policy

Appendix I - Landfall and Marine Umbilical Works EMP

Appendix J - Complaints Management Process

Appendix K - Discharge Report

Appendix L - Method Statements

Appendix M - Seasonal Constraints

Appendix N - Chance Finds

Appendix O - Pollution Prevention and ERP

Chemical Selection Criteria

Compliance with Pre-Commencement of Works Conditions of the Consent to Construct the Corrib Gas Project Pipeline of 25 February 2011

 Letter from SEPIL dated 20 July 2011 Re Pre-Commencement Conditions

Condition 6 - Archaeology & Cultural Heritage (Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht)

Condition 8 - Surface Water Management at Tunnelling Compounds (Mayo County Council)

Condition 10 - Protection from Fluvial Flooding at the Glengad Compound (Mayo County Council)

Condition 11 - Protection from Tidal Flooding at the Landfall Valve installation ("LVI") and Compounds at Glengad and Aghoos (Mayo County Council)

Condition 17 - Monitoring of Impacts on Public Transport (Mayo County Council)

Condition 24 - Traffic Monitoring (Mayo County Council)

Condition 28 - River/Stream Crossings (Inland Fisheries Ireland)

Condition 29 - Reinstatement and Aftercare Plan (DEHLG)


2011 Environmental Management Plan for Offshore Pipeline Survey and Associated Maintenance Works

Approval Letter dated 13 June 2011

Environmental Management Plan 2011


Submissions on 2011 Environmental Management Plan for Offshore Pipeline Survey and Associated Maintenance Works

Submission from Inland Fisheries Ireland

Submission from the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht

Submission from Marine Institute

Submission from Erris Inshore Fisherman's Association

Submission from Mayo County Council