2009 Environmental Management Plan

Consent of 2009 Environmental Management Plan

Approval Letter dated 9 April 2009

Environmental Management Plan 2009

Bridging Document

Onshore Works

Nearshore Works

Offshore Works

Transport Management Plan

Submissions on 2009 Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Below are copies of the submissions that were received by the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources on the 2009 Environmental Management Plan (EMP) submitted by Shell E&P Ireland Limited.

Submission from Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Submission from Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government

Submission from the North Western Regional Fisheries Board

Submission from Mayo County Council

Submission from the Erris Offshore Fishermans Association

Submission from Monica Muller & Peter Sweetman

Engagement of Ecologist

In accordance with one of the conditions of the 2009 approval for the Environmental Management Plan, SEPIL were required to co-operate with an Ecologist, appointed by the Department to monitor activities of the Corrib land fall pipeline construction and pull in.

Following a public procurement process, EirEco were contracted to the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources for the provision of the ecological advice on the Corrib Gas Pipeline landfall and offshore works to be carried out under the developer’s 2009 Environmental Management Plan (EMP). EirEco provide weekly progress reports and these reports can be viewed below.

Ecologist Progress Reports

​June​July ​August​September ​October


2009 Works at Glengad

A number of local residents have suggested that the temporary ancillary works required for the construction of the offshore pipeline require planning permission. Accordingly, the Minister thought it would be helpful to ask Mayo County Council, in its capacity as the planning authority, to clarify the position. Mayo County Council wrote to the Department on 23 April 2009 expressing its view that the ancillary works are exempted development as defined within the planning regulations.

Marine Mammal Observer Reports

In compliance with a condition of the approval of the 2009 Environmental Management Plan, which issued on 9 April 2009, SEPIL is required to provide monthly reports on cetaceans observed by marine mammal observers. Copies of these reports can be found below.

Marine Mammal Observer Reports