Maps, Reports & Data

Licence holders submit exploration reports and data on the activities carried out under a prospecting licence. These reports and data are held confidentially for 6 years or until licence surrender, whichever is the sooner.  After 6 years or upon surrender of the licence, the data is released publicly via our Map viewer and a searchable database

The interactive Mapviewer displays current Prospecting Licence ground status, drillhole data, publically available data and the location of available airborne geophysical survey data. Please email  to request airborne geophysical data.

In March 2017, mine data from Galmoy and Lisheen Mines became publically available.  Seismic data acquired by mineral exporation companies in recent years has also become publically available.

On the 10 December 2018, an independent review of the investigation into the collapse of workings at Drumgoosat, Co. Monaghan was published.