Silvermines Projects

There is a long history of mining in the Silvermines area of Co. Tipperary.  There are records dating to the thirteenth centuary of mining for ​lead, zinc, copper and silver.

In 1962 a large zinc-lead orebody was discovered.  This orebody was mined between 1968 and 1982, producing 10.7Mt of ore with grades of 7.4% Zinc and 2.7% Lead. 

In June 2000, a Report on the Investigation into the Presence and Influence of Lead in the Silvermines area of County Tipperary was issued by an Inter-Agency Group.  One of the recommendations in this report specified for management and rehabilitation plans to be drawn up and implemented for each historic mine site in the area.  The State assumed responsibility for the rehabilitation of the mining sites in June 2005 and remediation works commenced in 2006.

In 2012, an expert consultancy was procured to undertake environmental monitoring of old mine sites around the Silvermines area.