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Public Consultations Inland Fisheries Legislation 2013

​​​​​​The Department received 70 submissions to the public consultation announced by Minister of State, Fergus O’Dowd, T.D. by the deadline of 5.30 pm, 28th June, 2013. A further 55 submissions were received in relation to aquaculture and these have been forwarded to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. A number of submissions were received after the deadline and do not appear on the list of submissions received. Minister O’Dowd expressed his thanks to all those who made submissions which will now be considered. Drafting of the new Inland Fisheries Bill will commence shortly.  Minister O’Dowd was particularly pleased with the comprehensive and wide range of views submitted.

Consultation now closed

Consultation Documents



Consultation Submissions



Lough Mask Trout Anglers Association Lough Mask Trout Anglers Association.pdfLough Mask Trout Anglers Association30/06/2015 23:00:00pdf1507205
John Paul Rourke John Paul Rourke.pdfJohn Paul Rourke30/06/2013 23:00:00pdf36984
Shane MacNamee Shane MacNamee.pdfShane MacNamee30/06/2013 23:00:00pdf45110
Greg Long Greg Long.pdfGreg Long30/06/2013 23:00:00pdf44869
Clonmel and District Salmon and Trout Anglers Clonmel and District Salmon and Trout Anglers.pdfClonmel and District Salmon and Trout Anglers30/06/2013 23:00:00pdf463785
Fly Fishing Ireland Fly Fishing Ireland.pdfFly Fishing Ireland30/06/2013 23:00:00pdf354898
Peter Braun Peter Braun.pdfPeter Braun30/06/2013 23:00:00pdf279632
Dennis Moss Dennis Moss.pdfDennis Moss30/06/2013 23:00:00pdf82014
Geoffrey HT Fitzjohn Geoffrey HT Fitzjohn.pdfGeoffrey HT Fitzjohn30/06/2013 23:00:00pdf78816
Thomas Kavanagh Thomas Kavanagh.pdfThomas Kavanagh30/06/2013 23:00:00pdf12165