Farm Plastics

A farm plastics recovery scheme was established in 1997 with the objective of increasing the recycling of farm plastics waste (silage bale wrap and sheeting). The scheme, which was underpinned by the Waste Management (Farm plastics) Regulations 1997, was revised and replaced by the SI No 341 of 2001 - Waste Management (Farm Plastics) Regulations, 2001  (link is external)

The 2001 Regulations impose various obligations on manufacturers and suppliers in relation to the collection and recovery of farm plastics placed on the market. Under the Regulations, a producer / supplier of farm plastics has the choice of either complying with the regulations directly or alternatively participating in the approved scheme.

The scheme has been operated by the Irish Farm Films Producers Group  (link is external). (IFFPG) since 1997 and has achieved significant success in the recovery of waste farm plastics. IFFPG was established with the support of the Irish Farmers Association and comprises representatives of film manufacturers and importers and is the sole approved body for the recovery of farm plastics.

IFFPG was granted approved body status by the Minister under Part IV of the 2001 Regulations.  Under the IFFPG scheme, producers apply a levy on the sale of farm plastics which in turn is transferred to the IFFPG for use in funding the collection and recovery of farm plastics waste.