Terms of Reference

‚ÄčThe Sustainable Development Goals National Implementation Plan 2018-2020 sets out the whole of Government approach to implementing the SDGs in Ireland and abroad.

The Plan sets out a commitment to establishing a National SDG Stakeholder Forum, under Section 4  Stakeholder Engagement. The establishment of the Stakeholder Forum will be one of the first actions under this Plan and will take place in the first half of 2018. 

The Plan further sets out the vision for this SDG Stakeholder Forum "the Forum will provide a mechanism for all stakeholders to discuss national implementation and reporting processes, share examples of best practice in implementing the SDGs, and discuss challenges to achieving the SDGs and to be informed of SDG relevant events and processes taking place internationally".

The plan states that specific Terms of Reference for the Forum will be established by the Department of Communications Climate Action and Environment.

In this regard the Draft Terms of Reference are available here, for information and comment.  It is expected that the final Terms of reference will be finalised and published before the next SDG Stakeholder Forum meeting scheduled for 31st January 2019.

Any comments should be sent to the SDGsIRL@DCCAE.gov.ie mailbox.