2018 Forums

​We held the first Stakeholder Forum in June 2018 which sparked some lively debate and an exchange of ideas from across the wide range of stakeholders involved with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The first Forum was chaired by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment with representatives across other public sector organisations also in attendance. The second National Stakeholder Forum took place in the Hilton Hotel on Friday the 19th October 2018, and brought together participants from a range of sectors.

Presentations were made by our own Department, and also by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Chambers Ireland and Dawn Meats, while breakout sessions gave attendees a chance to explore questions around awareness-raising activities, socially-inclusive engagement and the role of Government. 

All presentations are available below; the findings of the breakout sessions can be read here.

The Forum will continue to provide a platform to participate at a national level as we work together to achieve the SDGs, in particular through those actions committed to under the first SDG National Implementation Plan 2018-2020. 

The Forum will enable us to consult and engage in the preparation of future Plans and reporting, as stakeholders have a particularly important role in the follow-up and review processes which monitor how Government implements the Goals.