2017 Awards

In 2017 we invited the tidy towns committees to develop a walk in their own community.

Lots of various groups try to create woodland walkways, cycle paths and trekking routes. In 2017 the Tidy Towns Committees were asked to develop was a leisurely walk within their own community. The organisers didn't have to find a lot of funding nor did the walkers need to be fully equipped with all the latest hiking gear.

In fact, the organisers needed to do something far more difficult. They needed to rally the local community and convince people to find time in their busy schedule to go for a walk; to take that first step. Also the organisers had to incorporate items along the route that would engage the walker and encourage them to use the facility on a regular basis. It was also a requirement to provide rest spots every 150 metre.

The idea behind this project, was to urge:

  • People to take a leisurely walk around their neighbourhood.
  • Have a chat with a neighbour
  • Appreciate their surroundings.
  • Provide relaxation areas to allow people from a greater range of physical abilities to participate.

The 2017 winners of the Tidy Towns Sustainable Development Special Award were announced at the SuperValu TidyTowns Awards Ceremony at the Helix, DCU, Colins Avenue, Dublin 9 on Monday 25th September 2017.

Congratulations to all who participated!

First prize  of €1,000 was won by  Creggs Rural Development with their 'Rustic Ramble'

Second prize of €800 was won by  Emly Tidy Towns in County Tipperary for the  'Emly Walkway'.

Third prize of €700 was won by Windgap TidyTowns in County Kilkenny  for their  'Fairy Glen Walk'.

The €500 prizes go to:

  • In County Mayo, Balla TidyTowns'   'Balla Community Woodlands Walk'.
  • In County Kildare, Nass Tidy Towns' 'Naas Neighbourhood Greenway'.
  • In County Louth, Blackrock Tidy Towns' 'A leisurely stroll through Blackrock Park'.
  • In County Cork, Kinsale Tidy Towns' 'New leisurely walk & outdoor gym'.
  • In County Monaghan, Emyvale TidyTowns'  'Emyvale Lough looped walkway'.